CMC - was created to give schools and academies as well as small businesses and masters to promote their image and brand at the international level! We offer masters a global platform in the beauty sector, contributing not only to the development but also to the promotion of popularization as masters, as well as salons and companies. We are the official representatives of CMC World - the world Association of hairdressers!

Taking with us a membership of CMC to Finland - you get the opportunity to play in the qualifying rounds and the Championships of Europe and the world CMC. We also provide an opportunity to attend preparatory events, seminars, schools and teachers in Finland and other European countries.

To be a member of CMC - it is prestigious!

Participating in competitions, you will get recognition of Your colleagues and clients. Prestigious award always raises the image of the master. You can join our club right now and purchase a membership.


Advantages to be with us "CMC Finland":

  • By joining "CMC Finland" you get discounts on training
  • You will always be aware of events within the CMC organization
  • Participants are invited to participate in international seminars
  • Opportunity to participate in CMC World competitions and international Championships
  • Get full information about upcoming events and training courses in CMC

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